cleaning cycle

  1. J

    Epson SC-P600, is there any way to take control?

    Hello. I use my Epson p600 everyday multiple times, I'm getting very tired of it deciding to do automatic cleaning cycles whenever it chooses. Is there any kind of adjustment program or firmware that can give me total control so I can decide for myself when the machine does a cleaning/ink...
  2. G

    How can I run a power cleaning on my WF 2660?

    Hello everyone, I found an old WF 2660 outside my building in germany, and I brought it home. I did a little cleaning and replaced the catridges, but it only printed blank pages. After several head cleaning cycles I only got it to print with black ink. The color lines were blurry, and the cyan...
  3. Dridd

    Epson Stylus Photo R2000 dying.

    I think my Epson Stylus Photo R2000 is dying on me. No matter how many times I run the cleaner, wasting ink in the process, I can't get a couple of the nozzle check patterns to completely print. Printed images still look good from an arm's length, but closer inspection reveals banding. I'm...
  4. PalaDolphin

    Why 3 Minutes to Print Nozzle Check?

    Given that Canon printers perform the dreaded cleaning cycle when not printed for 60 hours, I will print a nozzle check if I haven't printed anything else. In fact, I keep a spreadsheet log of printer activity: So, what just happened for 3 minutes prior to the Pro-100 printing the nozzle...