canon pro-1000

  1. S

    Refilling Canon Pro-1000 inks

    I would be interested in those refilling the ink tanks for my Canon Pro-1000 and what they do about the chips in the tanks? I checked with Precision Colors, and they are out of their one-time chips and the resettable chips have problems, so that isn't an option. I wouldn't mind refilling out...
  2. PalaDolphin

    Tax Refund, Precision Colors inks

    WOO WHOOOOOO! My federal tax refund finally came! I'm ordering refill ink from Precision Colors for my Canon Pro-100!
  3. S

    Looking for great 3rd party inks for a Canon Pro-1000

    I have a Canon Pro-1000 that seems to "eat" ink, especially the chroma optimizer. Does anyone know of a good solution for this problem. Inexpensive refils, perhaps? I use the printer infrequently, so it naturally goes through cleaning cycles, whether it needs it or not.