black ink

  1. KoaBrook

    Canon ip8750 - smudges on bottom corners of print

    Hi there, I own a Canon Pixma ip8750 printer which I use for art prints. Today, it began smudging black ink onto the bottom corners of each print. The print size is 5" x 7" I am using genuine OEM ink cartridges, both an older set and a brand-new set just to test and the problem exists on both...
  2. C

    What is a photo black cartridge for?

    If you print photos (on photo paper) then you use the dye-based black (denoted K often times I gathered) instead of the pigment-based black (Bk). Now when does this "photo black" actually get used? Is it only for the parts of the photo where it is completely black ("true black")? Or does it also...
  3. P

    Canon Pixma iP7250 Straight after changing Black ink cartridge, no black at all printing.

    Hi, I'm brand new to the Community so hello to everyone, I'm from the UK if that makes any difference. I have a Canon Pixma iP7250 which I have never had any problems with. Recently I'd not used the printer for about two months, I was moving house and it was all boxed up but stored the right...
  4. G

    Recommendation: Best Black InkJet Printer for refilling? Low volume home use.

    I plan to buy refilling supplies for a printer I need to buy for home use. Which printer would you say is best for refilling? I print documents in black only, but I guess I will have to get a color ink-jet anyway. I don't print much, I have been refilling HP printers with black for a long...
  5. M

    MP610 printing problem

    Sod's law and both Pixma MP610s in the house (mine and my son's) have decided to pack up just as I need to print off a load of travel documents. My printer won't print at all and my son's only prints part of the text. We have both had these printers for 6-7 years. We only use Canon ink...