b200 error

  1. JohnBB

    Printing on CDs

    I’m getting the B200 error, and I want to print on CDs. Background:- Both of my Canon MG5350s are showing the B200 fault message. The story I hear from the UK repairers is that the print head has failed, and sometimes the associated logic board – which sounds fatal. But we know that the...

    Help Diagnosing B200 Error on Canon Pixma Pro-1

    I have had my Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer for about 4-5 years. It gets infrequent use. I will print several 8 x10s or 5x7s every few months. Now and then I have gotten the B200 error over its lifetime (with the alarm and power light alternating sequence of 10 flashes each). This included right out...
  3. T

    Pixma Pro-1 B200 error

    Did a print the night before, no problems at all. The next morning B200; alternating white and orange lights X 10. Tried a power reset; no success there. The printhead carriage is parked at the right side of the printer, the ink bay doors will not open, no sounds whatsoever. Aside from the...
  4. J

    Pixma MG6450 - Is it completely dead?

    Greetings to all. I've been struggling with my MG6450 for the past couple of weeks, and posting here is more-or-less my final attempt to resolve my issues. I've spent far too much time researching solutions and trying different "proposed" solutions. So I'm hoping as this seems to be a pretty...
  5. buddy62

    Pixma Pro-1 B200 Error

    Hi folks, just switched my Pixma Pro-1 on, printed out a 6" x 4" perfectly, then went to print another and got an Error B200 (alternate lights flashing 10 times), tried switching it off for a while but to no avail. Used on a weekly basis, low mileage, always had canon ink, well looked after, no...