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    I keep losing light grey completely after about 10 prints

    1. Check that your vent passage is clear. 2. Try flushing the tank if above is OK alternatively use a different known good condition tank.
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    ArgyllCMS profiles: Black Point Compensation gives composite black when checked

    Just an opinion. Though I sell aftermarket ink, color management cannot and does not create magic. Review the role of color management in your workflow. Are the inks up to the task? IMO put poor tires on a great print engine, no amount of traction control, vector steering, awd and steering and...
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    Something interesting that might be of interest to some.

    What you don't know is that the bottom assembly for the Pro-1000 is about $800 CAD plus install. Keep popping those tanks in and out to weight them needlessly and you will run the risk of breaking the plastic retention mechanism underneath. History of replacements at Canon Service Center even...
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    Keep your printer turned on 24/7 or power it down after every use?

    Automatic ARE being done and for good reason. It definitely is being done on Pro-10. Once the OEM Lucia Pro ink dries, no amount of soaking will remove it. Canon knows this and this is the price of making tough scratch resistant OEM ink. Refill ink OTOH is not as tough in this regard. There is a...
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    Firmware update

    So just let it be known that I am stupid and illiterate but Hat knows so much more. Good, trust the loudest vessel the HAT. Hat knows everything about Canon printers. That he is a moderator means he knows everything and can remove anything that he does not agree with. Get the idea? Trouble is...
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    Firmware update

    No need to mismatch, I don't know what your point is when a proper one exists. Ultra Pro Satin is not far off the Canon one anyways. So what is your point. My point is that even if someone purchases Red River Paper and does not use Official Canon...
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    Firmware update

    If you are using OEM chips and you HAVE to be as there is nothing else available what are you afraid of? Did the Hat scare you enough? New models will typically have updates in their first year because wrinkles need to be ironed out. I updated mine and there were no deleterious effects and I...
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    A Glance at the New Canon 200 & 300... !

    It might be different in Canada
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    A Glance at the New Canon 200 & 300... !

    Typically whenever Canon sends out a replacement printer on warranty, they ask you to dispose of the old one yourself It is not sent back for refurbishing or inspection, I experienced it two times. My replacement Pro-1000 came by itself on a 2 ton truck on a pallet, the delivery had to be...
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    Pro 200 - Need help

    This guy has been posting on dpreview as well. I recommended he change the tanks to new ones. On DPreview the picture clearly shows ink starvation somewhere that is not revealed perfectly in the nozzle check, If the starvation does not go away, he...
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    A Glance at the New Canon 200 & 300... !

    WTF is this magic chip. There is no magic. When you see support codes on the 200. You simply follow the dialog provided on the screen and proceed as Canon directs you. On the 300 there is minimal dialog on the screen and no guidance, just keep going until you see support code 1699 and then...
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    Epson WF-3620 No black

    Aaah a wheatstone bridge for precise measurements! Goes back to the late 70s for me. Doing some studies it looks like. Do another head clean to purge air! You still need to clean all channels. Do remember you have a choice of Black only etc. so make the appropriate choice. Nozzles should always...
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    Epson WF-3620 No black

    The 3620 has a user replaceable waste in maintenance box. The 3620 is reasonable when performing head cleans. It took 5 years for me to fill the waste tank and I use the printer every day and about every two months this issue comes up as air slowly builds up internally. Again, this is perfectly...
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    Epson WF-3620 No black

    On these printers it may take 6 to 8 head cleanings to restore a printhead that has filled with air. As long as progress is made, continue. Sometimes it may get worse after the first or second before it starts getting better. Just the Epson for you, par for the course.