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I have got links for service tool v1074 and the much better v3400. I have also got a link for a service manual for the MX350. You can have these links and instructions if you start a thread and post your questions in the "Canon Inkjet Printers" forum.
Can you please send me the MX350 printer service tool file V1074 to
I can't find the file anywhere on the internet and need it to fix the error code on my printer. Thank you.
The Hat
The Hat
For a better response to your query, you should post your request in the open forum and put “@” in front of the name:- like @SNIPPY, and you should never have personal details visible to anyone except the member you wish to confer with…
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Hallo ISF, ich hätte in paar Anmerkungen bez. des Vergleiches i1 Studio/Spyder. Leider geht sich das mit 420 Zeichen nicht aus. Könne Sie mit mir per mail Kontakt aufnehmen?
Beste Grüße,
The Hat
The Hat
Pourquoi ne pas simplement utiliser notre système PM pour contacter les doigts teintés par l’encre.
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