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Hi, ink-stained fingers! I hope you are well. I desperately need your help. I am looking at buying an eco tank printer A3+ like the ET-8550 (Claria Premium, I think), the ET-16600 (Durabrite), and the L1800 (T673 inks, Claria?). I need a printer for photos matte. the et-8550 is very popular, maybe pigment inks would be better, which leaves printers like the Epson 16600 with 3 colors. thanks

Ink stained Fingers
Ink stained Fingers
I haven't seen your posting since you didn't place it in one of the regular sections ; there are several printers - A3 - running with 4 inks - like the L1300/ET-14000 and the ET-15000. The L1300 runs with a printhead which takes both dye or pigment inks , the ye inks for the L7750 - Epson 106 inks - are good dye inks. Or you run pigment inks for matte paper - with a matte black ink.
Hi Ink stained fingers, I am a School photographer with quite a big photo production. I own three Epson Surelab D3000 printers, (my yearly production is over 10.000m2) I wonder if is there any good alternative to Epson original Inks, not to worry about fading?
Hallo, is het ondertussen gelukt met de Epson + Canon navulinkt in jouw XP 15000 printer ? Ik heb dezelfde combinatie gekocht.
Hi Ink Stained fingers and everyone I am interested what the best canon a3 printer chromalife inks is for the money. With bulk tanks. Prints don't have to be amazing, my photos are a bit arty.
Many thanks in advance.
I think you mentioned canon pro 200 before is there something like this with refillable or tanks

Ink stained Fingers
Ink stained Fingers
I'm not aware of a A3 Megatank printer by Canon at this time with Chromalife 100 dye inks, the only model coming close would be the G550/650 models for A4 .