Top paper feed not working in Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer. Any ideas?


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I just picked up a pretty used Epson 3880 that I will be servicing and restoring back to normal hopefully. I got it started up fine, however it will not correctly feed the paper from the top. Normally I see the backplate or platen where the paper rests kick out to start the feeding process to the rubber rollers. The backplate is not moving at all. The rollers just start rolling with no paper movement whatsoever. I can manually feed the paper in after several tries however I know this is not the way going forward as it causes errors alignment errors as soon as it starts feeding. Does anyone know how to enable or diagnose why the backplate behind the resting paper in the tray isn't moving?

Update: Figured it out. After pressing the trash can icon/delete/cancel print button a few times and watching the mechanisms, the back plate appeared to be stuck in place or jammed while the rollers were rolling. After I grabbed the back plate firmly and jiggled it, I heard a loud plastic popping sound and the panel lifted to the angle I'm used to that pushes the paper to the rubber roller. I put some petroleum jelly on each round black plastic inlet where the back plate swung and jiggled it gently left and right to apply the grease on the plastic. The printer now picks up single pages no problem.
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