I’ve tried everything...repeated clogs (or maybe ink starvation)


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Apr 1, 2018
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Epson WF-7610
I have a P400 with aftermarket inks for printing onto film. The inks are heavy but many people use them and the printer works fine as long as daily maintenance is done, which is basically just cleaning the wiper blade, capping station, and the nipples above the printhead every day.

The main issue I have is that while printing, about 10 prints later banding starts to happen. I then run a nozzle check and a few of the channels look bad. I run a head clean and then all looks good but then it happens the exact same way again: banding and bad nozzle check after around 10 prints.

What could be the reason this keeps happening? I’ve changed the cartridges (3 different sets) but all result in the same problem.

I think I’ve read this is ink starvation but wouldn’t new cartridges, flushing out the printhead (I put cleaning cartridges and made sure to do ink charges until the waste looks clear) stop this from happening? It unfortunately hasn’t helped at all.