Epson L805 printer performance

Ink stained Fingers

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Dec 27, 2014
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L805, WF2010, ET8550
I just changed the waste ink pads on my L805 - photo 6 inks A4 - the first time after 51 788 pages with lots of images - probably
8000 - 10 000 A4 - on temporary display and give away at a dancing school. I'm running the printer with the Epson 106 inks, access to the waste bin is quite easy - just a matter of 4 screws to remove and a little bit of fiddling around to take the top cover off - it's an Epson approach to combine screws and latches here and there. I ran the printer as well for about 10000 pages with pigment inks without problems, the printer is active daily and I did about 3-5 cleaning cycles in total over seveal years. This was necessary for the return from pigment to dye inks but one nozzle in the black channel is still on or off at random times or after 4 pages - cleaning - flushing etc does not help. Anyway - this L805 is going strong without other issues.
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