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Feb 20, 2008
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leeds, UK
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Canon Pixma
Been using Canon printers way back to the IP 3000and IP4000. Still have functional IP4700, Ip 4850 and MG 6250 printers and my least favourite is the ip 7250. What of lot junk this is. Easy to get compatible carts but get ready for problems with duplex printing and print head blocking for example. Now the TS 700 is in a different league, IMO. Solid built like a brick. Compatible carts are expensive but been using refillable carts from Ebay, a bit expensive but just completed print out of 8368 pages without having to clean the print head. once. Using Inktec ink.
This printer doesn't have a scanner but IMO it is the best best photo printer since the IP 4000.
One difference you will find is the quickness of print. It responds in seconds. It is a hidden gem. Way faster than any Canon printer I have ever owned.
I now have 3 of these beauties before they disappear.
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Nov 27, 2010
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Copenhagen Denmark
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I have also had an iP7250 and I also didn't like it. But there is one printer of the PGI-x50/CLI-x51 generation that is worse IMO. It is the MG5550 which is an AIO that has got no paper cassette.

I have got a TS5055 of the PGI-x70/CLI-x71 generation and a TS6150 of the PGI-x80/CLI-x81 generation. They are AIOs that use the same QY6-0089 printhead as your printer so I think their printing performance is the same. Comparing the nozzle checks of one of these printers with the one from for instance an iP4300 that uses the QY6-0061 printhead it looks from the width of the printed stripes that the printheads use the same number of nozzles and so the same printing speed should be expected. It seems to hold true and I also think these printers are fast.

I agree with you that these printers are much more sturdily built and compact and less noisy and thus much better than printers of the PGI-x50/CLI-x51 generation.

I bought the TS5055 and TS6150 at thrift stores at DKK60/$8.63/£6.79 and DKK25/$3.60/£2.83.

The TS5055 had a set of OEM standard cartridges installed. They were empty but not dried out. After dripping 5 and 10 grams of ink in the ink outlets of the cartridges I did a printhead cleaning and got a perfect nozzle check that showed that the printer had only done 351-400 prints. I agree that it prints nice photos reasonably quick.

The TS6150 had no ink cartridges installed, but when I turned it on it gave the error message that ink cartridges were missing. I thought I could buy a set of cheap compatible cartridges to test the printer, but I found out that both OEM and compatible cartridges for this printer were much more expensive than cartridges for previous generations of printers. I think that this is caused by the fact that no resetters exist for the PGI-x80/CLI-x81 generation of cartridges. I considered buying a resetter for the PGI-x70/CLI-x71 cartridges but it 3 times as expensive than a resetter for for instance PGI-5/CLI-8 cartridges.

The TS5055 is entry level with no paper cassette, only rear paper feed. The TS6150 has got both cassette and rear paper feed.

Does anybody have the weights of the PGI-x70/CLI-x71and the PGI-x80/CLI-x81 so I can refill using weights?