1. KasperDM

    How to find and trust iP4500 X replacement print head

    Dear all, Hope you are well. I recently bought a secondhand Pixma iP4500 X over ebay. User said it worked perfectly. I just installed it and connected it to my mac and I got error 1401 - print head error. I read this thread and learned that this means my print head is dead. I also learned...
  2. S

    PRO-1 user in Germany

    I am a systems engineer and hobby photographer coming from Spain living in Germany. I have been using very happily a Canon PRO-1 printer for several years (previously EPSON printers as well) until, suddenly, the photo quality of the PRO-1 prints deteriorated visibly. This was after a period of...
  3. Lego007

    Question about Canon Reprografh Ipf-710

    Hello everyone, very glad to enter this community. I own a Cyber-Coffee here in Peru(South America) and I'm looking to buy a plotter to complement my business, only have an Epson doing A4s right now. After some reading I declined for Canon because well... they are faster, display better colors...