printhead problem

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    Persistent banding problem in Canon TS9020.

    I have a Canon TS9020 that I bought lightly-used on eBay about a year and a half ago, and have been experiencing a persistent banding problem. I noticed banding in photos shortly after I started using it, but didn't pay attention, thinking it was something I could later fix with an...
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    MX925 black out of focus on alternate directions

    My MX925 printer prints black text correctly for every other scan of the printhead (i.e. in one direction). And for the other direction, the black is split horizontally (or ghosted into two parts of approximately equal weight) separated by about 1/2 mm, resulting in an out of focus appearance...
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    Pixma Pro 1 pink banding

    I recently printed some photographs after a two month absence and experienced pink/pale red banding at 3 places across each print. It bands at 3/4", 2" and about 11" across an a4 print. It is on all a4 prints. Also some faint lines across the entire print. I have performed several cleans and one...