1. M

    Fade-resistant bulk ink options for XP15000 (what combination)

    Hi all, about two years ago I started refilling my XP15000 with third-party ink (Inktec from eBay, CMYKRGy). It resulted in severe colour differences compared to OEM, but after profiling (i1pro) it performs excellent. It does not clog or stain, works straight after power up even after 3 months...
  2. fader

    materials best for impermanence

    Hi there, I search for print materials, which provide fast fadening and strong color shifting characteristics. For my diploma work at an art university (please don`t stop reading now), I experiment with print (im)permanence. I`m glad that I have found this forum, especially the thread "Papers...
  3. G

    Questions about refilling Pro-100 carts: fading over time?

    Having become a fan of refilling the carts on my ix6520, and soon will be refilling those on my recently acquired ip4300, I'm now turning a jaundiced eye to how much I'm spending to feed my Pro-100. I like the Chromalife 100+ ink/Canon paper combination for their ability to stand up under...