epson p900

  1. S

    Epson sure color P900 print head/nozzle issue?

    Hello -- I had some serious head/nozzle clogging issues. Routine head cleaning fixed all but one nozzle. Each nozzle check comes back clean now, except the Cyan nozzle check prints a few perfect middle rows, with completely blanks spaces above and below. (Please see image below) Further head...
  2. D

    Pigmera GX inks for P900 - recommendations?

    Hi all, I am researching the real user feedback about Pigmera GX for Epson P700/P900. I am thinking about purchasing the Pigmera inks for a long time (even before I purchased P900 2 months ago), but I have generally very bad experience with "compatible" or "alternative" inks and toners. Almost...

    EPSON P900 - ICC profile

    Hello. need help creating an ICC profile for P900 I can't figure out what settings I should select to print color solids without distortion. There is a lot of conflicting information on the Internet. This printer has many different settings. I'm confused. If you select - without color...
  4. Peteprints

    Epson P900 using excessive amounts of Gray Ink

    Hello, Printing images (photos of my paintings) on my Epson P900 is using excessive amounts of Gray and Light Gray ink cartridges. I'm having to change these two at a rate probably 3:1 of any other color. When I order ink, I'm buying 3 or 4 times more Gray and Light Gray cartridges than the...