epson p600

  1. photix

    Epson SC-P600 Error 0x44 after printhead removal and cleaning

    Hi, a few days ago I tried to get rid of a few nasty clogged nozzles in the printhead of one of my two Epson P600 printers. I removed the printhead and cleaned it using waterfall technique - push cleaning solution (20% isopropyl alcohol, 3% propyl glicol, 77% distilled water) through the ink...
  2. J

    Epson SC-P600, is there any way to take control?

    Hello. I use my Epson p600 everyday multiple times, I'm getting very tired of it deciding to do automatic cleaning cycles whenever it chooses. Is there any kind of adjustment program or firmware that can give me total control so I can decide for myself when the machine does a cleaning/ink...
  3. P

    Epson SureColor P600 - should I buy it?

    I have a question about this printer. I was looking for printer that is good for graphic design, cardstock and tshirt transfers. I know that this printer is recommended for photography so I wonder will this printer be good also for my needs? I am newbie for this kind of printers. I see many many...