1. MadAboutPrinters

    new XP15000, what if I don't download ink supply software?

    I'm assuming this doesn't make it "chipless"? Asking for a Mac user.
  2. B

    Using Ecotank 542 Durabrite ink for refilling WF-4730

    I'm considering buying the Epson WorkForce WF-4730 because it is the cheapest pigment ink printer with CISS and chipless firmware available. Original ink is very expensive. I'm aware that third party refill ink will almost never be exactly like OEM quality, so I was thinking, can I use Ecotank...
  3. J

    Epson SC-P600, is there any way to take control?

    Hello. I use my Epson p600 everyday multiple times, I'm getting very tired of it deciding to do automatic cleaning cycles whenever it chooses. Is there any kind of adjustment program or firmware that can give me total control so I can decide for myself when the machine does a cleaning/ink...