cardstock printers

  1. KKramer

    HELP! Best Color Laser Printer For Graphic Arts

    Hi Everyone! I am new to the group and have been searching for a long time to find the perfect laser printer to add to my art business. I NEED your help and input! I currently have and love my Canon Pro 100 PRIXMA, I use it for my fine art prints and she is consistent, reliable and prints are...
  2. T

    Artist looking for printer

    Hello, I hope im alright to seek some expert advice here. I looking to buy myself a new printer, i have experience with a basic home printer by canon and have been impressed with their products so far but sadly it died. Im looking to sell prints and cards of my artwork and decided printing...
  3. I

    Printer suggestions please!

    Our small business prints gift card packages which have a couple components for each order. One component is a 5"x7" card which will go in a cardboard frame and the other is a 4"x6" personal note card which goes in a separate envelope within that larger frame. The 5"x7" card has numerous...