canon ip7250

  1. P

    Canon Pixma iP7250 Straight after changing Black ink cartridge, no black at all printing.

    Hi, I'm brand new to the Community so hello to everyone, I'm from the UK if that makes any difference. I have a Canon Pixma iP7250 which I have never had any problems with. Recently I'd not used the printer for about two months, I was moving house and it was all boxed up but stored the right...
  2. C

    Canon iP7250 amber error lights

    Newbie here, apologies this has probably been asked before. My canon iP7250 came up with an error saying to disconect from the mains for printer repair. When switched on the power light and amber light flash ten times alternately then begins the cycle again, any suggestions
  3. Monkey Shoulder

    My new printer. Canon iP7250

    I posted here with the problems I was having with my old iP3000, and after some sage advice from your members, finally skipped the old beast and bought a new iP7250. So I thought someone might like to know of my experience. It is a fine printer, and does everything I need. The only complaint I...