1. W

    Fastest Wireless Printer - Recommendations?

    Hello all! I have a unique use case that I am trying to solve for: I have a web-based program that identifies a Hotel Guest from a list when they drive up to a security gate for a Hotel property. When the Guest is selected in the program using a mobile device, there is an email alert that gets...
  2. B

    Need advice on choosing a printer

    hello everyone! I am looking for a printer that can print on silk coated paper (or something similar but not as shiny as gloss!). Paper weight, 170gsm, and need to print on custom sized 297mm by 630mm (three A4’s in one sheet). Either roll feed but ideally sheet feed, as they will come ready...
  3. Lego007

    Question about Canon Reprografh Ipf-710

    Hello everyone, very glad to enter this community. I own a Cyber-Coffee here in Peru(South America) and I'm looking to buy a plotter to complement my business, only have an Epson doing A4s right now. After some reading I declined for Canon because well... they are faster, display better colors...