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    Error b200 on canon pixma mx725

    Thanks a lot!! I can print with it now with this technique. The only downside us that the PGBK cartridge does not work but if I print in photo mode, it uses the other black cartridge. Do you think it's possible to make the PGBK cartridge work again or I will always have to print in photo mode to...
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    Error b200 on canon pixma mx725

    Thnaks for the advice, Here is the number so we can see it's a QY6-0086
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    Error b200 on canon pixma mx725

    Hi everybody, I have a canon pixma mx725 printer but a couples of day ago, it showed me the frightening error b200. I still use it for the scanner by bypassing the error with a trick I've seen on youtube during the boot but when I try to print something, it showed me the B200 error. I've clean...
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    Hi Everybody

    Hello everyboy, I'm new here. I like to repair things and by things I mean printers. I currently have a Canon pixma mx 725. My dream printer would be a laser one with cheap refill and easy to find spare parts. I'm very happy to join your commnity