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    252XL Refillable Cart without Filter

    Printer User: WF-3620, WF-3640, WF-7610, WF-7620, WF-7720, WF-7710, WF-7210, WF-7110 I recently bought some 252XL refillable empty carts for my Epson WF-7720. I noticed the color carts (C,Y,M) do not have any internal filter inside the cart. Does anyone have experience with this? Any...
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    Epson 3800 with a clogged magenta channel

    You should try the garage or bathroom counter with the vent fan on. The ammonia is too strong of an odor for me. If you have Qimage, i would try to use Qimage to cycle nozzle spraying on magenta. Yes, light magenta will also be used! I don't have RIP either! Stormlight
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    Epson 3800 with a clogged magenta channel

    Nigel, Please stop run anymore cleaning cycle. Tell me more about your printer. After a long period(?) of idle, did you run clean cycle using the printer? If so, how many consecutive cycle did you run. What is the maximum consecutive cycle you have ran so far? Your wiper blade look dirty...
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    December Deal: Canon Pro-100 $59 After Rebate

    "Where do you see the discount from American Express? It is specifically something from American Express or is it a promotional on the Adorama web site?" -Stratman No, this should be on your card promotion. Login into American Express website to see your account. Scroll down to the bottom and...
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    December Deal: Canon Pro-100 $59 After Rebate

    Bah, I did not see your post. I apologize for the repost. American Express card owner can get addition $25 off with $250 purchase from Adorama. Make sure login into your American Express card and sign up for the offer. 308.99 -250 rebate - 5.76 shipping discount -25 Amex = $28.23
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    Pro-1000 $199 with .EDU Email.

    Yes, I wish I have an edu account too. Buy and resell is still even profitable! I live in a no sale tax state so I did not put tax into the calculation there. Beside the tax, I hope you did not pay much over the promotion!
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    Pro-1000 $199 with .EDU Email.

    Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer + 25 Sheets of paper $199 (w/ EDU mail) B&H Photo EDU has Canon PRO-1000 for $499 - $300 Rebate = $199 This only works with a valid EDU email address. In case the URL isn't working, call B&H to get the deal...
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    Epson 7800 pro- Where to start?

    Okay, I assume the worst scenario here with the unit have been out of service over 3 years but it last known running was in full operation. This process will also help you upgrade your color system form 7800 to 7880 or HDX if you opt to do so. 1. Watch youtube: find inkjetmall video on...
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    Resetting of some carts on Epson Pro 3880, blocked in software?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I ran into this issue but I have my own method how to solve it. Just curious to see what others have come up. The issue is when you change out ink, just even take it out to weight and putting it back, some or all cart are not longer detected. The way to fix it...