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    Finally had a low-ink warning for PRO-100

    ...and I replaced the full cart set with flushed & refilled carts. Some drips occurred when releasing the storage clips, and I was prepared for that, just as OEM and other carts will do. A few more drips from some carts as opposed to others, but they're all good. It took but a few seconds for...
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    CD/DVD Printer suggestion

    Something I haven't seen as a suggestion, is a third-party software to generate prints on disks. I've used the Acoustica CD/DVD Labeler for several years, and it's exceptional. I believe @stratman uses it, too. It offers all sorts of image adjustments, circular text fields, infinite adjustment...
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    Cartridge Identification- Help please.

    There's probably something within the Android OS to indicate at least a print driver, though I wouldn't know the first thing about how to get to the information. Considering Android is a 'Nix variant, I'd suspect a Linux/Unix expert could find something. I'd also suspect the setup to be using a...
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    Any interest in a simple Photo thread?

    I've only chimed in on this thread once or twice, even though I do enjoy photography. However, an unexpected(and very unintentional) inheritance has given me the means to acquire a camera which I had only fantasized about having, and it's an exceptional camera indeed. It is the Canon EOS 5D Mk...
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    Best practices on first-time Pro-100S ink management

    If you'll be refilling, I'd suggest having one or more sets of all 8 carts at the ready. The whole-set changeout mentioned is a way to significantly reduce spent ink from the purge cycle that is triggered by a change of just 1 cart. So instead of all 8 channels being purged for a single cart...
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    Canon Pixma Pro 100 idle for 3 months

    If the printer is in a very dry environment, and such is the reason for idle time concerns, I'd probably just remove the carts and chuck 'em into storage clips for the duration. Likewise, removing the print head and rinsing with Windex then water and leaving in a safe place to dry. Seems to me...
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    Which SSD to buy?

    It's a physical hard drive, as mentioned. It crashed. Some clicking, sometimes it won't spin. It spins now about half the times it's given power. Windows 7 was running; it crashed during normal use. Error one moment, bluescreen the next. Total failure from the OS afterwards. Switch to SSD...
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    Which SSD to buy?

    Good enough. It's still termed UEFI, though.:rolleyes:
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    Which SSD to buy?

    I'll give you that much, to be sure, but what about MTBF or other parameters such as percentage of physical failure rate? Manufacturers provide MTBF, which can be useful, but determining rates of physical failure between makes, or even within makes, is a unicorn hunt. Name all the 'Big' makers...
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    Which SSD to buy?

    A paltry sum, @stratman . 28GB is less than the majority of recent HDDs and SSDs provide, by a huge amount. I'd suggest you check those figures again.
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    Which SSD to buy?

    Any advice to offer on similar, from a crashed HDD? I've a Seagate 2TB drive which failed suddenly, which is why I've recently moved to SSDs. I've been trying the Linux 'ddrescue' utility to recover, but it's been some time now, and I'm unable to confirm if I have a persistent memory on the USB...
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    Which SSD to buy?

    If I'm remembering correctly, this article had something to offer about that. Even though the content is from 2013, it's a very informative read about longevity and endurance of SSDs. And because it dates from about 6 years ago, I'd expect the industry has improved on many of the points mentioned.
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    Which SSD to buy?

    I did nothing, other than inserting and removing drives as recommended by the instructional pamphlet. The design failed me, not the operation. Whether I received a product failed to doom or I misused it, I'll probably never know.
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    Which SSD to buy?

    Yes, that's how eSATA was designed to operate. If the motherboard supports it, it's a direct-connect option to SATA ports, intended for hot-swapping of devices, most notably, hard and optical drives. My tower system, which I built, has a front-panel eSATA connection, as well as one on the rear...
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    Which SSD to buy?

    That's the one I have too, although I haven't used it for over a year. It's kinda large & bulky, collects dust readily, the flipper door for 3.5" drives broke, power switch is cumbersome, and it's just stupid-large compared to my system-mounted drive dock.