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    9000 pro MKii front feed not printing the given dimensions

    the software that came with the printer is nearly idiot proof, as far as printing goes. Lord knows I've tried to mismatch paper and print, but it won't let me. Then there are times when it tells me i've done something wrong but won't give me an option to correct it. When I couldn't print on a...
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    9000 pro MKii front feed not printing the given dimensions

    when you say "the app" which app are you speaking of?. The paper sizze can be changed in a couple of places, in the software I have don't know what you're running The paper size can be changed on the first page but it it is a limited menu, in advances setingson the page setup there is a broader...
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    9000 pro MKii front feed not printing the given dimensions

    windows 7, and Photoshop Elements 14 and it just started yesterday Thanks for the reply Paul in SoCal between Disneyland and LaLa Land
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    9000 pro MKii front feed not printing the given dimensions

    if there is an existing solution for this situation I would be grateful, for a link. Printing 11 X 17 140 lb cold pressed cotton rag, gives pastels a whole new meaning. So to day i asked fo a 15 X 12 area and got something off center, and about 12 X 10. I tried on some thinner stock and got the...
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    Pro 9000 MKii print head salvage

    If material pertinent to this is posted else where please point me to it. I bought a used Pro 9000 MKii, for salvage. The P/O said had an orange light flashing and couldn't resolve it. So I thought the printer is less that two years old, if I can't fix it, ill have a print head for $85, and...
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    Canon 9000 Pro ink pad replacement

    i am more of the print now and ask questions later, philosophy. My printer is the pixma 9000 pro mkii, didn't realize the entire pedigree was needed. I am getting about %95 what i see is what I get, from computer screento to print rolling out of the printer I have an artists supply warehouse on...
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    Calibrating my monitor so WISIWIG, ICCs and other joys

    I have my first grownup printer a pixma pro 9000. So far I just love it. Being new to this I don't know, half of what I need to know about how this thing works,what it can do, and how i can make it do them. I would like to take on the first item on my on my quest for figuring out what the heck...
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    Looking for a black & white only printer

    there are B&W laser printers. If you up the memory, doing interesting thins is possible Paul in Norwalk
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    Fan of Mark Rothko and the NY expressionists

    Fan of Mark Rothko and the NY expressionists
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    i have 140GB of pictures more less, looking for a jpg, that has to do with printing, that will look good on the head of a pin. Gonna take me a minute
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    Nifty Introduction / About Me - I ♥ Printers!

    I have had on again off again relationships with a long history of disposable printers. I also remember the dot matrix tractor feed printers. I have a 12 year old Brother B&W laser, that refuses to die. My late first ex wife gave me a Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mk11, it was new in the box, she got...