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    Is There Anybody Out There...

    I've been doing odd printing projects here and there, but have been swamped with work and house projects such that I haven't been able to print as much and also not as much time to take pics / post about it. Hopefully will have a break soon!
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    3D Printer Nozzle Quality Comparison

    I don't do a ton of super-precision, so my gut-reaction is "no, not a huge impact for the casual hobbyist". What would be interesting is if they printed the exact same test-sample item with the exact same filament, settings, etc., and only swapping those nozzles to see if there really is much...
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    My Solar Power Journey

    Wow, that covers your entire usage? Very impressive! So, are you not able to utilize the full 6KW, or do they never peak out above what your inverter can support? The government limits the total amount of solar you can have!?!? Why are they doing that?
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    My Solar Power Journey

    Not much wind where I am, and I don't even know if I can legally have a turbine. Fortunately we have "net metering" so they utility pays me when I overproduce during the day, and I can buy-back at night, so no need for batteries, etc. I broke even on my last install about 2 years ago, and I...
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    My Solar Power Journey

    I LOVE solar! In fact, I got this installed on my house 10 years ago: 3.96 kW system (10 years old) consists of: 18 REC 220 W panels 18 TIGO optimizers SMA Sunny Boy SB3000US Inverter Details: 1) How I made the decision to “go solar” and who to install 2) The full story of the installation...
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    Your best bet for getting help is to post to our feedback section. That way a variety of people...

    Your best bet for getting help is to post to our feedback section. That way a variety of people can help and learn together:
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    Other Things To Refill - SodaStream Canister With Dry Ice

    Right now the $ and euro are pretty close, so that's about $0.50 per liter (litre) ;) out there. Out here, the cheapest I could find was about $0.81 per liter The canisters say the CO2 will do about 60 liters each, but with the level of carbonation she wants, it's more like 30. I'm...
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    Other Things To Refill - SodaStream Canister With Dry Ice

    I wish I had taken a picture of the process and my setup with the dry ice, but here is the results of the effort :
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    Other Things To Refill - SodaStream Canister With Dry Ice

    My GF is a big fan of drinking soda water. She's been using a soda stream to make fizzy water from home. Definitely a lot cheaper than buying it from the store. The sodastream company partners with a bunch of retail stores to do co2 cartridge exchanges... usually around $15. You can also do it...
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    Remembering Sumi

    My heart is broken over the loss of such an AMAZING woman. Loved and respected by literally thousands of people, as well as directly and indirectly having a huge positive impact on the lives of literally MILLIONS around the world through of her work with the BYC community. I'm blessed to have...
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    COVID-19 face shields

    Interesting to see how this is all playing out!
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    Remembering Sumi

    We're very sorry to say that our beautiful friend and amazing soul Sumi passed away 3 pm Irish time. It was peaceful and pain free. She will be sorely missed :(
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    New Light Standard Design... I hope...

    Yeah, that's tiny... especially when you're printing a gigantic light tower! ;) When mine went out I just pulled a power supply from an old PC and that worked fine (especially if I didn't use the heated bed). Later I got a beefy ATX power supply from Amazon in 2 days for pretty cheap.
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    Dual two color embed into an embossed / embedded text in a 3D Print?

    I've been having fun with dual-color printing out of a single nozzle. It's a bit of extra work, but I've had good results (like with my trophy project here: ) I just watched this video with yet...
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    3d printing v coronavirus covid 19 in Italia

    I was glad to see this thread with the initial post and the follow-up! Amazing to see the potential and literally life-saving aspects of 3D printing. It's fantastic. While I can kinda see things from the company's perspective (every company exists for one main goal: make money!), I can also...