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    hello to everyone

    Great to have you here! I've actually never owned an Epson myself (mostly Canon). How's the ECOTANK compare to the R200?
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    She's been posting from time to time on the BYC thread I started for her. She posted there today:
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    Printer Knowledge Forum Software Updated

    I just received email notifications of this post. I also tested the password reset, and received that email. So, the server IS sending out the emails. Unfortunately, once they leave the server, it's hard to know where they are getting lost or blocked. Maybe try a different email (from a...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Hey @stratman congrats on your POW!!! (@The Hat you can send your bribe promised the judges ASAP!) ;)
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    Hello to All! from the Tropics . . .

    Welcome to our community! Glad you've been getting our newsletters and that you find them helpful / interesting!
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    Printer Calabrations ?

    Wow, this is turning into a fantastic thread! It's now featured on the homepage!!!
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    3D to the rescue for all Occasions…

    Brilliant! it looks really clean and nice!
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    Unclogging Canon Printheads

    Hey FYI: we've added this great thread to our featured items on the Homepage!
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    Printer Knowledge Forum Software Updated

    Thanks for pointing that out! Yes, the links are definitely hard to see / demarcate. We'll make them stand out a bit more.
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    Christmas Wishes…

    Ditto to all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year! I look forward to another fantastic year of printing... especially the 3D type ;) (I'm pretty addicted)
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    New PrinterKnowledge Homepage

    Wow, lots of great info / ideas there!!! :bow Hopefully we can determine if it's server-wide, or localized, and then figure out the issue. (or hopefully it's just a hiccup in the interwebs and goes away on its own) ;)
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    New PrinterKnowledge Homepage

    Thanks for the screenshot! I'm not seeing anything on our end, but I'll keep digging. Anybody else getting a similar page / screen?