I started a few years ago with photo printing and own several printers for different purposes. The high end model is a Canon Pro-1000 only used with OEM inks followed by a Pro-100s. The second one is better to transport to others for demonstrations, but still an incredible printer. I use it with with OEM inks and inks from Precision Colors. For my family , friends and children I often repair clogged printers. Mostly after use with cheap inks. So I can also make tests with other printers with different inks and papers. Therefore I know also a lot of Epson Printers. Some of them stay longer in my "printer hospital". As an engineer and hobby mechanic sometimes I try longer to repair as useful, but so one gets a lot of informations. I hate to throw away things, which may still work.
I am hobby photographer, but sometimes I sell prints which I all make with the Pro-1000 on different papers.
I also have a i1pro 2 and make all profiles for printing myself.
Jan 1, 1959 (Age: 65)
Germany, Schwabmünchen
Why are you joining our community?
Taking photos and Printing is a hobby for me and I hope to get and provide information.
Printer Model
Pro-1000, Pro-100s, Xp-7100




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