I am a refiller for the last three years, mainly print black-only text in booklets, enthusiastic user of Canon on advice from about everybody, Canon 3222, have had Epson, Lexmark, Kodak, and have worked with HP in the past. My printer page count is about 14,000/year. I have to replace the OEM cart about 5 times a year. I rarely care about my color cart, but replace it 1-2 times a year and refill in between. My Canon gives me flawless page handling and the automatic duplex insures that when I run out of ink, half the run isn't ruined. That's the best feature for me. Have considered CIS but decided it was too much trouble for my black-only printing. Have considered a faster model, but with Canon's superior handling, I can do with the cheaper model.
Andalusia, AL
Printer Model
Canon 3222
Inmate & addiction correspondence and courses


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