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    Windows 11 Available For Download

    Yes, I see zero reason to upgrade in the near future. Remember Windows 10 doing the forced upgrade thing way before people were ready to accept it (especially the 7 users... 10 was still better than 8.1). The current version of 10 is way better than the train wreck that was released and forced...
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    Windows 11 Available For Download

    Macrium is incredibly good software and if I had any need for the features of the paid version I would buy it instantly.
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    Windows 11 Available For Download

    MS seems to be deprecating faster and faster after new releases. I don't expect them to maintain things forever but seeing how long it took people to accept 10 and how much they hated the forced installs I think it's going to be an even bigger mess with 11.
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    Dye ink V’s Pigment ink...

    I think maybe for pigments vs dye the viscosity is just different enough that the printers have a harder time 'priming' it? I also have hard clogs in my Epson with dye but the Epson with pigment will be fine after a few cleaning cycles. It probably also has to do with refillable cartridges not...
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    Paper storage

    Does anyone have any affordable storage solutions for keeping expensive letter sized paper from ending up with bent corners? Red River and Southworth have those chipboard boxes which are better than wrapped reams, but once you start using it up it'll end up crushed if stacked... but at least the...
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    Laser printing

    I have a B&W (P1505) laser and a color laser (Laserjet Pro 200 m276nw) both running with whatever the cheapest aftermarket toners on Amazon with a decent amount of reviews are and both of them work fine for foiling. Depending on the paper you are using, I have found once you print, cover the...
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    Best matching pigment inks for the 1400/1430 these days?

    Anyone distributing Powerchrome K3 in the US these days? Pretty impressed by the dpreview pics of prints on glossy paper. Though 90% of my prints are on matte/canvas so I'd stick with the matte black anyway.
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    3D printed rubber molds

    I tried using an FDM printer for molding small parts 3 years ago (use-once and break molds) and it's just not capable of that kind of detail. I had some good results with less detailed items, but trying to do some filigree jewelry effects with resin it was incapable of it even with a fine...
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    Using ICC profiles in common software

    While this is for Epson (1400) specifically, it would be useful to discuss how to do it with other brands. While using Photoshop and Lightroom has a specific workflow to properly print with ICC profiles, how do we use them correctly with other software that uses the "default printer driver"? If...
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    Need Inkjet Glossy Business Card Paper - Will Cut Myself

    Your problem is going to be there's no good way to print glossy business cards on an inkjet printer that won't be too delicate. I print matte cards all the time on Staples Photo Plus matte but all my experiments with glossy is that the coating used to make it inkjet printable will crack or flake...
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    Best matching pigment inks for the 1400/1430 these days?

    Again, the initial question: are there any sellers out there/opinions on the only 2 'major' ones I've found so far (Cone and Cobra) that still sell pigment inks for the 1400 that are already profiled?
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    Best matching pigment inks for the 1400/1430 these days?

    At the time, MIS, IJC and PC had pre-made profiles. I print flat artwork/graphic design for outdoor laminated signs, waterproof stickers, etc, and I print on matte or luster paper/vinyl, so I don't need photo perfect profiling, just reasonably accurate. But I do need fade resistance. All three...
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    Best matching pigment inks for the 1400/1430 these days?

    Bailed on Ink (jet) carts (dot) us years ago due to terrible service (and haven't bothered to even see if they're still around), MIS has always been too pricey for my tastes, and my last supplier stopped selling pigments for the 1400 and now I'm almost out. Who's selling a decently profiled set...
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    Does anyone sell reliable refillable 1400 carts

    My issue right now is that too much ink is coming out, not too little. I'm not concerned about the nozzle check. I'm concerned about the giant drops of ink all over the page. Strangely, I've left this printer for a year once and it only needed 2 cleaning cycles to get a good nozzle check. It's...
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    Does anyone sell reliable refillable 1400 carts

    I still haven't found my scanner's power cord and the HP laserjet all in one that I've been using is obviously not scanning clear enough to see the nozzle check. The nozzle check is still missing about 20% of the light magenta and cyan, but it's better than it was a day ago where all the colors...