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    Would you use compatible ink cartridges or refills?

    Then it pretty much depends on your financials.
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    Problem with refillable ink cartridge on an epson wf3620

    Just adding my two cents here. Maybe you also need to avoid exposing your printer to extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. Extreme temperatures can clog up your ink cartridge.
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    Would you use compatible ink cartridges or refills?

    This may be an ancient concern among printer users/buyers but I'm nevertheless raising it again just to know your two cents. As we're all aware, genuine printer cartridges are very expensive. Unless you have a stable income stream that allows you to allocate budget into buying original...
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    Hey there

    New to the forum and still learning more about printers and the print industry (though I often write about them). I prefer old school models that still pack a lot of punch. I'm also learning more about photography and may need more assistance operating mini printers (but if I figure it out on my...
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    Epson 3800 battery replacement

    Why don't you try looking through this video and see if it does the trick: If not, you can always contact the Epson customer service.
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    Question on print resolution with Artisan 50 using CD Tray

    Epson Artisan 50 has the following specs (extracted from DP Review): Printer type Mid-size Color technology Inkjet Max color resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi Max B/W resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi Droplet size 1.5 pl Photo print speed 10 sec (4"x 6") Ink type Dye-based Weight 12.10 lb Dimensions 17.7 x...