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    PFI-1000 full cartridge weight

    Just opened a new factory sealed yellow and the scale states 116.28gr
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    Can I use refilled CLI-42 cartridges to initially setup a Pro 100?

    Hum, I have been using the setup cartridges to refill for the past two years now and no issues...
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    Pro-1000 $199 with .EDU Email.

    I did not get it for $199.00 but did get a great deal!! Should be here on Thursday!
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    Canon PRO-100 or PRO-100s Waste Ink Pads full?

    No, and I've had my Pro -100 since September 2013 and put close to 4 or 5 thousand sheets through it and most were borderless!
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    Pro-10 cartridges OEM

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    Pro-10 cartridges OEM

    Trying to purchase the most used inks, but I realized it was cheaper to purchase the set!! No problem though, purchased a set of empty OEM cartridges from Fleabay and received my PC signature refill yesterday!
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    Pro-10 cartridges OEM

    Received 5 new pgi 72 cartridges directly from Canon! Nevermind!
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    Pro-10 for $99.99

    Just ordered the PRO10, ended up spending about $160.00 after all rebates plus a free pack of paper. I will use along with the PRO100!!