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Hi, I'm new to Photo printing world.

I need help to open cover my Canon Pro-100. It has strange noise and print head struggle to move. any hint?
Hi. I am just starting out with canvas prints. What is a good printer to start out with? I've seen the Epson SureColor series are good but I'm not sure if it will withhold the paper thickness. I'm looking to start at 400 gsm minimum.
This printer was given to me. My hobby is landscape photography, so the printer has found a good home. It's an oldie but goodie.
I have an Epson 9880 with 2 segments of the yellow channel not firing. The prints all look fine. I am wondering what to do. Should I try an Ultrasonic Cleaner? Perhaps inject some magic bullet into the head after removing the dampers? I have replaced the dampers, wiper blade and capping top so far.