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Hi Ink stained fingers, I am a School photographer with quite a big photo production. I own three Epson Surelab D3000 printers, (my yearly production is over 10.000m2) I wonder if is there any good alternative to Epson original Inks, not to worry about fading?
Hallo, is het ondertussen gelukt met de Epson + Canon navulinkt in jouw XP 15000 printer ? Ik heb dezelfde combinatie gekocht.
Hi Ink Stained fingers and everyone I am interested what the best canon a3 printer chromalife inks is for the money. With bulk tanks. Prints don't have to be amazing, my photos are a bit arty.
Many thanks in advance.
I think you mentioned canon pro 200 before is there something like this with refillable or tanks

Ink stained Fingers
Ink stained Fingers
I'm not aware of a A3 Megatank printer by Canon at this time with Chromalife 100 dye inks, the only model coming close would be the G550/650 models for A4 .

DTF printer and print head clogging - need to recover​

Hi All

I have DTF printer and print head clogging (Yellow/Black/White) channel . from Dec'21 i didn't print or use printer properly, due to that Cant able to print properly.

is there any service person or place to recover print head to working status from ink clogging?

Thanks in advance.


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I tried some technique to resolve this issue. but nothing improve in that.

Note: just started the new business with this but due to some personal emergency im stuck with this. Please help me to get out of this