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New Canon Pixma Pro 100 white and orange flashing lights on initial set up, anyone know what might be going on with this printer?
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The Hat
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Canon Pixma pro 100 white and orange flashing lights on initial set up
this printer was in the original box untouched in my office for 5 years or more, I finally set it up the other day got the print head in and all the OEM carts the carriage slides back to it's sitting position (far right side) and the white and orange flashing lights start and that's as far as I can go. Any one know what's going on with this printer
The Hat
The Hat
See Message above..
Hello Reza I just bought a printhead (QY6-0042) on aliexpress en I did readout the eepromdata before I put it in the printer IX5000.
After that I put the printhead in the printer and IT WORKS !!.
In the attach files I put the hexdump of this printhead .
It is a long time ago but perhaps someone may need this information.


  • canon head QY6-0042.rar
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I am a retired scientist from Australia. I am also an amateur photographer and have been using Canon printers for about 20 years. I have always re-inked the cartridges using inks and chip re-setters from Ink-bank at with great success for both documents and photographs.
I have an Epson ET2650 printer that uses epson 664 ink and wanted to know if I could use Epson 502 ink since someone gave me a new set of 4 bottles. I know the tops are different so how could I still use this ink? Thank you
Hi Zillah, I have the same problem with my Brother Control Center 4 like you had. I try to change the destination path, and it keeps jumping back to the original settings. Very annoying. Did you manage to solve that problem ? I'm pulling my hair out here...
Can i use hp gt series ink bottle colors to refill 920xl hp ink cartridges? Thanks.