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May 23, 2021
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epson wf-7515
Hi all,

I was wondering whether someone can help me.

I draw a lot and I like to be able to scan my drawings. Since my drawings are often larger than A4, so I decided to buy a scanner.
After a little research I was shocked by the price of A3 scanners. So I had this fabulous idea (or so I thought) to buy a second hand a3 printer for 15 euro.

I was kind of surprised that the scanner wont work if one of the cartridges is empty. So I replaced it. Problem solved, but a new problem arised.
I got a warning, something like this (translated) "scanner error, try restarting the printer. If problem stays, than contact epson support", and five beeps.

Contacted epson support, they suggested a firmware update. Et voila, it worked again... for 1 day.

Now I've got the same error. When I start the printer it starts to make some noise. The scanner part moves to the far left and it seems like it wants to go even further, which of course is not possible.

Does any one have an idea how I can solve this?
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