PRO-1000 - access print head when printer is blocked by B204

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Jun 4, 2022
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Canon PRO-1000
Very interesting information, but very worrying at the same time, when you got a Service Technician to do the job, he couldn’t get the head to move to a favourable position to replace it, that’s a bit of a bummer, and poor design on the part by Canon.
Yes, me and the technician agreed that this is not well designed, there should be better access for such cases where the print head cannot move anymore.

Now looking at the costs involved, I reckon you’d have been far better getting a new printer and could have saved at least €100 on a set of inks that come with the new printer, that’s just looking at the ink price alone, how much of your ink was wasted in the change over ?..
In terms of economics a new printer would for sure have been the better choice. It is hard for me to guess how much ink was used in filling the new head, but I'd guesstimate it to be 50-150 €.

But like I said, there is a non-monetary value for me in fixing the printer I have instead of throwing it away.

The lesson from this is, if the head on your Pro 1000 goes west, than its time for a new printer, because this must be the first Canon printer that doesn’t have a consumer replaceable print head, now that’s some progress.. My opinion..
Actually, the print head is user-replaceable. Under "normal" circumstances when the print head is at the end of its life the PRO-1000 will say so and the user can make the switch themselves. And in that case I think the economics might also shift a bit towards replacing the print head instead of getting a new printer.

However in my case it seems there was some more catastrophic malfunction of the print head, which lead to the situation that it won't move anymore and the normal replacement routine was not accessible. From researching this error on the Internet it seems to be relatively rare.