Pixma PRO-100 Invisible Paper Jam (Error 1300) - Any ideas?


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Mar 9, 2022
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New England
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HP/Canon 9000/100
I've searched through a good amount of Canon support, YouTube, and Reddit but have come up short. I recently acquired a PRO-100 printer that was told has not printed anything yet. The printer is pristine inside and out. There were ink cartridges installed, so it may have printed something. Or the original owner installed the cartridges and never used it. They're all full and the bottom of the print head is spotless. The printer turns on and I get the orange light blinking three times and error 1300 paper jam on the computer.

-I've looked throughout the entire printer and cannot find paper or jam. I've also gently pushed cards stock through the top rear input tray and through the printer with no luck.
-I also unplugged the printer and pushed the power button a couple times over the span of a minute to reset the printer. Still the same error.

The printer does look like it has never been used. I'm at a loss for where to examine next on it though. Is it possible to manually see where the sensors are?

One thing I've noticed with this printer is it doesn't seem to lock the printhead carriage at any point. And the ink cartridges do not have the red light on any of them. Though the ink and levels can be read with no issue.
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