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Jun 12, 2020
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Hi everyone I'm hoping some of you can share your experiences and expertise with me, I'm having trouble finding up to date info on this.

I currently make some vinyl decals as fund raisers for charities etc. I just use a silhouette cutter which works well for the amount I do. But I'm looking to be able to print graphics on printable vinyl, for window stickers, bumper stickers, cell phones etc.

I currently just have a laser printer, so looking to get something together that is budget friendly but can accomplish this task.

I can get inkjet printable vinyl (Orajet 1917) and laminate overlay (Oraguard 200) which they say will work for my needs, they say it will work with any inkjet. Since they are in the business to sell things, I of course am trying to do my own research but coming up dry.

I would be using the printer for regular home needs (printing recipes etc), so want something with cost effective inks, so I was looking at an Epson ET-2750. I would definately have to laminate onto of that, but still worry about water seeping in-between the vinyl and the laminate.

The alternative I'm wondering is about getting an Epson Workforce (WF-3720) that uses DURABrite ink. I know they say it's water resistant, but how water resistant on a good printable vinyl? Would I be able to get away with printing on the vinyl and not laminating? Concerned too that the ink costs way more for the Workforce printers versus the supertank printers. But if it would do what I want then might be worth it.

If they look good on a car for 2 years I'd be happy with the results. But considering this is something I'm dong to fundraise I'm trying not waste money on something that just isn't going to work.

Ideally I would get a roland BN-20, but that isn't in the budget right now.

Sorry for the long post. TLDR; economical option for printing bumper stickers.