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Apr 4, 2014
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canon pixma ip1980
Hello guys,
My username is raj iam. I was a student of BBA. I have a canon pixma ip1980 printer. I always use the color cartridge only. And refilling it is quite easy as many other do this by opening upper cap of the cartridge. What I do is making really tiny holes for each of the color pad and push the color inside according to the color chamber (I use cannon 831 ink cartridge. the position of the ink tanks are while the head is facing towards you red, then in the rear right blue and in the rear left is yellow ). Then i just paste the upper cartridge paper and the job is done. I would like to have this all in one printers.

Thats all about me​
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Nov 27, 2010
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Copenhagen Denmark
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Canon iP4300 + Epson scanner
I think your printer is similar to the iP2700 series printer, and the printer driver for that model allows you to choose printing with both cartridges/black only/tricolour only. Why don't you also refill the black cartridge, it is easier as it in only one colour, so no risk of mixing of inks in case of an overflow during refill?

Like on its bigger cousins with separate ink tanks and print head, ink level monitoring can also be disabled to allow for printing with refilled cartridges.

In case of clogged nozzles, you might even be able unclog the cartridge. These cartridges are similar in design to many HP cartridges, so this does also apply to your printer. Instead of dish washing liquid and water, you can also use a window cleaner with ammonia.