ip7250 not feeding paper, found a loose spring


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Oct 12, 2021
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Canon Pixma ip7250
I am trying to fix a friend's ip7250 which will not pick up paper. Have already bought her a new printhead due to the dreaded B200 error.
The paper now won't feed, rollers go round but it does not pick up. It was printing duplex perfectly when I had it at my house! She's got some Platenclene and says rollers have been cleaned.
Took out the inks and looked underneath, nothing obviously wrong except the white plastic moulding lining the back has somehow been cracked. Don't think this affects anything as it has not moved out of place.

I tried the fix mentioned online of inserting 2 small pieces of sponge to hold the rollers against the paper a bit more strongly, still no joy, the orange light continued flashing x2.

BUT I did find a loose spring inside the printer, resting at one end of the flap I was tucking the sponge under, and am wondering where it came from.
Query 1) Could anyone tell me where this spring might belong? It's about 30-35mm long, 5mm diameter and does not have any hooks at the ends.

edited to add, now seen inside the back of the printer. It doesn't look like the picture I attached before, more like this one with the small rollers. Could simply cleaning these be enough to get the printer to cooperate?
Will have to collect the printer and Platenclene and give it a go.


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