Finally had a low-ink warning for PRO-100


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Jun 7, 2018
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West Michigan
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MG5320, PRO-100, CLP-300
...and I replaced the full cart set with flushed & refilled carts.

Some drips occurred when releasing the storage clips, and I was prepared for that,
just as OEM and other carts will do.
A few more drips from some carts as opposed to others, but they're all good.

It took but a few seconds for the printer to become ready after the full changeover,
which surprised me. I was prepared to wait out a 10-minute purge cycle,
but it didn't happen. It was ready to print no more than 1 minute after
the full-set cartridge change.

The damned carriage head retreated back to park position before I could replace
all 8 carts, because I had to watch for and wash away any dripped ink
while I was doing this, but simply closing and re-opening the top cover
brought the carriage back into position.

With the refilled carts, I've now printed 4 DVDs and 2 plain-paper DVD covers
for my downloaded copies of Windows 10, to store in a pair of two-disc
library cases, for my desktop and laptop systems.

I could not have done any of this without the collective knowledge of
everyone here, so I am officially extending my heartfelt thanks
to all the good people who contribute to this forum.