Epson Photo 1400 - Cartridge issue

Joe Maher

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Jan 7, 2020
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Epson Photo 1400
Hey everyone

Ive been looking for answers online about an issue i have with my epson photo 1400, but cant seem to find anything concrete..nor anything that works.

Heres my issue in short.

Epson photo 1400, bought it second hand. Its in immaculate condition, honestly dont think it must have done more than about 10 prints...But, i cant get it to work.

Put the cartridges in one at a time, and they are all recognised fine, but as soon as the last cart is put inserted..they all show up as incompatible. It doesnt matter which order, or which one is last one, they all recognise fine until the last one. This is the same with epson carts, and non oem carts, and even CISS carts. All have the same issue.

Ive had a couple of 1400's before and never had this issue. Ive done all the usual tricks with no luck. I saw in another post from many years ago that someone with a similar issue replaced the motherboard and that was the only fix. Is that so? Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Joe - UK