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Aug 22, 2005
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Does anyone know if Epson changed the formula of their basic inkjet ink over the past few months? I have a really cheap Epson C62 which I use for part of my art process. What I have been doing is essentially mono-printing with overhead transparencies. I print line art in black on transparency and then put the transparency against watercolor paper and burnish it and the image transfers to the paper, or at least it used to. I have just returned from my studio and was unsuccessful at making it work. In the past the ink would come off of the transparency onto my fingers just from a little sweat, now it won't even rub off with water. I'm getting a little worried because I have a show in a month and if this doesn't work I'm sunk. What I need is a watersoluble black ink that takes a little while to dry. The Epson ink used to give me about 20 minutes of working time to get the image to transfer. Can anyone help?




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Feb 24, 2005
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It is possible that your problem isn't with the ink, but with the transparency sheets? Have you just started a new pack? Are you using the same brand of transparency sheets as before? Is it possible that you are printing on the wrong side? There are many coatings that can be applied to these sheets when they are made - some will appear to dry the ink quickly, and some will appear to dry it slowly.

I assume that you are aware that there are commercial products that can transfer the ink from a "transfer sheet" using a heated iron - just google for "inkjet transfer paper" (it's also available at many stores that sell inkjet paper). This will work if you don't find an acceptable solution to your problem in time.

Have you ever tried using freezer paper to stiffen the watercolor paper so that you can print directly onto it? This technique is often used for cloth.(