Epson 9600 Main board replacement?


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Sep 5, 2021
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epson 9600
I have an Epson 9600 which has had a pretty easy life but not been used much for the last 8 years.
As you would expect the heads are very blocked so I used Marrutt Magic Bullet head cleaner to clear them. It worked all apart from the Magenta head so I did the process again and moved the cloth higher up under the printheads. In the morning there was a lot of dried ink on the cloth so I used a fresh piece of cloth and moved it back and forth over the heads hoping to wipe any excess away.
When I turned it on all the lights are flashing and Error Code 00020004 Service Required on the display which I believe is the NVRAM and the main board needs replacing. I've tried various key combinations as per some websites but to no avail. I can get a main board but has anyone fitted one? Is it straightforward to fit?
Why cleaning heads knocked out the main board is a mystery!