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Sep 16, 2020
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Direct Color Systems 7200z
Hi everybody.

I'm having some issues surrounding my DCS 7200z (shares many parts, including the printhead and main board, with an Epson StylusPro 7900).

This all started last week with a failed nozzle test. I was only getting white ink from 1 out of the 4 channels. After some tests and flipping the damper around, it was determined to be a power management issue and not a problem with either the printhead or the dampers.

I was unable to get the machine to get into a ready status. (Side note: I keep getting the E Status Error: Exec_Err13_Misc_P7900)

Direct Color Systems sent us a new main board, a new print head, some new ribbon cables and a new capping station. All the parts that we may need to get up and running again.

Our old control board looked like it had a massive failure at the power connection. There was some light scorch marks. The fuse had popped and the CCell battery was completely dead. (This is still an Epson board).

After installing the new board and registering the printhead again through the software (ours didn't need replaced. It was only 1 month old), I ran into a series of failures on the print engine screen. Unable to clear them, I had to struggle to get DCS on the phone again. It still wasn't pushing out the ink properly. In fact, things had gotten worse. Instead of missing 3 channels of white, I was only receiving magenta on the nozzle test.

While trying to get DCS on the phone, I unplugged everything and ran the monomer flush provided by the company through the printhead using the tool they gave that fits on the nozzles under the dampers on the printhead. When I hooked everything back up, the print engine screen was dead again.
The tech told me that the monomer flush may have fried the printhead, which caused it to fry the main board. 3 main boards within 2 days, when the problem in the first place was "power management" according to them.

Is this possible?

DCS included a $200 bottle of UV IR2 Monomer Flush. There were no directions or warnings not to use this to clear out dried ink, which I believe was causing the failed nozzle test after I replaced the main board the first time. The machine was down for almost 2 weeks with no ink flowing through the head.

So, if this is something that can destroy both the printhead and the board, why would they include it? And if they are going to include it, where are the warnings? There aren't even instructions or a mention in any of the service manuals. I learned what it's used for from browsing other Epson sites.

The tech said it's a last resort - something that was never conveyed to me.

Finally, if there's even a possibility (which he said very quickly, so this is something they know can happen) - why wouldn't they have a fuse in between the two to prevent them from destroying both?
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