Canon Waste Tank Ink Full Message Error Fix continued


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Nov 3, 2004
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Today I had to reset my friends Canon s900 from the dreaded waste tank full- your printer will soon be worthless except for a paperweight error message.

It WOULDN'T work, although I followed the directions exactly. I had similar problems with resetting my i960 about 9 months ago, and finally my Canon Tech helped me for free, and he told me he used the same exact procedure- but it worked for him.

Finally figured it out today.


So, below is the whole FIX for the waste tank dilemma:

You may RESET the printer code first if you like or do it after you clean the pad

In some cases you may need to REMOVE THE PRINT HEAD FIRST or the reset code will not work. This was true of the S900 and i960 so, remove the print head first before doing this reset.

This is the correct code for the S and I (like i960) series of printers.


1) Power off printer
2) Hold RESUME button then press and hold POWER. (The beeper MAY sound once, or may not depending on your model.)
3) Hold POWER and Release RESUME.
4) Press RESUME twice then release both POWER and RESUME buttons.
5) When the indicator lights steady, press RESUME 4 times (for the S900, 3 times for the 8200 apparently).
6) Press power to set data.
7) Print away!

For other codes for other printers and more info go here to this big forum (but try the above first) Generally many of Canon's models use exactly this same code, the i models use the same code, all the s models use the same code.



1) Figure out how to open the printer by removing the side and inside top plastic panels. Just look at the thing and use your brain. Its all pressure clipped in place, no screws (at least on the S900 and similar models, probably still the same on this years models.) Look for slots and triangles on the 960.

On the i960 you'll have to remove the power buttons assembly on the front- take out the two screws, unplug the internal white electro connector plug CAREFULLY, then you can undo the last clip that holds the top in place.

2) No need to remove the ink cartridges in this process- so don't. The mechanism is held down in place in the case by two screws at the very bottom on the outside bottom of the metal chassis inside. Remove these screws then lift up the mechanism. It should lift out fairly easily, but remain attached by wires-- just place it on the top edge of the case.

3) You'll see the blackened (from waste ink) felt pads on the bottom. WEAR GLOVES-- this is skin indelible ink, the only thing that will get it off your hands is CLOROX. Period. There are two skinny pads that sit on top of a larger pad. Note how they fit together.

4) Lift the pads out and rinse out thorough in a sink until very little or no ink comes out. There's no need to use chemical or soap cleaners, just use plain water from the tap and the spray nozzle. Keep rinsing and squeezing the pads, but don't twist them like a towel, squeeze and fold in half however to really get the ink out.

Lay flat in the sun for a few hours to dry. Use a hairdryer to get the last bit of moisture out then replace in the printer, and put everything back together.

5) RESET the printer electronics, so you won't get the stupid "waste ink tank full" message any more. Do an online web search if this doesn't work for your model, although this works (or slight variations0 for many, including the 8200, the S800, and S900, and the i-series like the i869, i950, i960, etc.Two main buttons on the top of the printer- Power and the Resume:

If you've reset the code first, then cleaned the pad, you're now ready to print again.

If you've cleaned the pad first, go back and reset the printer, and then print away.

It is NOT recommended to continue printing (although you could for a while) after just resetting the code, because you will over-saturate the waste tank pad, and eventually destroy your printer.