Canon Pro-100 Preview


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Feb 28, 2017
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Calgary, AB Canada
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PIXMA Pro-100 / Xerox 6515 WC
A pitch for Canon. There is a feature that is spoken of very little. It's the Preview.

This is not a preview that your desktop software generates. It's a preview that the "Canon print driver" generates.

With this I am "really" satisfied that the printer will get what "I thought I sent", such as how many pages, for example.

How often have you printed a receipt from PayPal, or from the bank, to find that you have an empty page 2, and page 1 says 1 of 2. There are of course lots of other situations where the Preview is useful.

For whatever reason, Outlook Pro 2003, for printing emails for example, doesn't even give you the opportunity (in their wisdom, on my computer, the Print Preview is grayed out, thanks Microsoft).

The "printer driver preview" give you the chance to see that. I love it. It's like a better hand in a card game. Satisfying, yes.