epson l1800

  1. Imthesaynt

    New here

    Hi, I joined bc I’m having some issues. Okay I have an Epson l1800 converted to dtf a few weeks back it stopped printing after it came off track. I ordered a new printhead did a power ink flush all the bubbles in the lines went. Away was getting great suction and waste ink was going in the waste...
  2. S

    Epson L1800 Weird Issue

    I will start by saying I'm fairly new at printing certainly do not know much about anything, but I bought this printer L1800 after looking at reviews ALOT. All well until today, when I went to print a photo o magnetic paper, which I had before on this very printer and all was well. So I printed...
  3. Alex8848

    Modified Epson L1800 Roll print 200 meters

    We supply modified L1800 and kit, roll to roll software kit. Videos: It could hold Art Paper Ink, ECO solvent ink,Dye Sublimation ink. New case for easy maintenance same as wide format printer. Media heater and control installed. Features:...