1. F

    My introduction

    Hello People If you have problem about Canon printer. I want to help your problem with it. I want to start to solve your problem with canon drivers.
  2. Anadrol

    How to install an Epson printer on the network

    During the driver installation my Epson printer was not detected on the network (in Windows 10 x64). What one needs to do is: - Install EpsonNet Config (I found it in the Download section of my printer page). - Go to Configuration after selecting your printer (that is oddly detected here, but...
  3. sampheap

    ArgyllCMS stops working with ColorMunki in Win10 64x

    I have been using Argyll 1.8.3 in Win10 64x with Colormunki just fine until today which I also noticed the device stopped blinking. Then I switched to native driver and it's working fine with colormunki app, so I tried re-installing the Argyll driver and re-added the variable to PATH and...