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    Canon i960 print head leak

    To investigate the waste pump question, I disassembled the i960 so I could clean the pads and watch the operation of the pump. After saturating the parking pad with water at the right instant, I could see it get drained down in less than a second and come out the bottom of the pump. So it was...
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    High voltage disabled by toner cart?

    Looking for some toner cart construction secrets that could explain this behavior. This concerns a problem with a Canon PC330 portable copier. The old cart was beginning to produce lighter copies, so I ordered an "equivalent" E1 replacement but the new cart produces a totally black output...
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    Canon i960 print head leak

    Yes, the ink will have to go. After more experimentation and education, the facts begin to resolve: Theory number 3 looks like the correct one - the parking pad is accumulating waste ink which is seeping back into the ink supply during parking. After flushing and partially filling the yellow...
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    Canon i960 print head leak

    Here's what happened. The i960 had been great at not drying out, in spite of very infrequent use. Recently it began to show streaks in the nozzle check and some of the tanks looked empty, so I decided to try a cleaning and refill it with aftermarket ink. This was a 6 color CoYlBod Dye Refill...
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    Hello printer team

    I'm a retired engineer with an accumulation of printers in various states, and I now have some time to work on them. Hopefully I will be able to give back to the community from my experiences with printer trouble investigations. Look forward to hearing from any of you about your adventures.