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  1. Nifty

    Anniversary update on Standard Lamp Mark V..

    Wow, that pic is recent?!?! Two years old?!?! I'm shocked, amazed, and impressed! I don't know if there are many people that have successfully printed such a thing and had it last so long... especially out of PLA, no?
  2. Nifty

    Creality K1 vs. Bambu Lab P1P & X1

    Well, this happened faster than I expected! Creality came out with their answer to Bambu Lab's printers! The Creality K1 & K1 Max K1: K1 Max:
  3. Nifty

    My new Direct drive Extruder..

    Direct drive is something I often consider, but then I'm like "it ain't broke (for me) don't fix it)
  4. Nifty

    Any excuse to 3D Print something..

    Ver interesting!!! Keep us posted on how it works out for you!
  5. Nifty

    What Are You Currently Printing?

    We've had a lot more power-outages lately. I have various 12v batteries in many different sizes, capacities, connectors, etc. This "power box" lets me use ANY 12v battery to do a lot of stuff during an outage: Accepts any 12v. power source Converts to USB PD 3 (power delivery) to charge laptops...
  6. Nifty

    What Are You Currently Printing?

    This project kept me up until 3:30 am last night since I got the idea at around 1am and couldn't sleep until I had tested it. LOL! I have a set of broken headphones, so I designed and printed a bracket to hold everything together. I might refine it / clean it up a bit because it's not super...
  7. Nifty

    Printing TPU on Stock Ender 3 V2

    I found this video really interesting. I kinda like the idea of using a more ridged TPU for "solid" prints for durability:
  8. Nifty

    Printing TPU on Stock Ender 3 V2

    I'm sure I'd need to tweak a LOT more of the settings to do anything that's more complex and has overhangs, etc. Oh, I failed to mention the big change besides speed: Layer height set to .2!
  9. Nifty

    Bespoke drawer units 3D printable

    It wasn't so much about the size as it is the shape/design. It doesn't really convey "case", but more of "box". It would be fun if it was shaped like an actual suitcase... kinda like something that comes up in a google image search for "case"
  10. Nifty

    Bespoke drawer units 3D printable

    (I printed a slim version. I think I'd like to have one that looks a little more like a "case"... maybe a suitcase or similar?)
  11. Nifty

    Bespoke drawer units 3D printable

    ... and here it is: (a quick 15 min print)
  12. Nifty

    Printing TPU on Stock Ender 3 V2

    I have the roll of TPU I mentioned purchasing here: I don't use it much... not a lot of use-cases come my way, or I'm still stuck in the thinking "I don't have / can't print TPU". Well, my GF...
  13. Nifty

    Bespoke drawer units 3D printable

    That's hilarious! I'll probably need to print a super small version of that immediately!
  14. Nifty

    Bespoke drawer units 3D printable

    Those modular DIY storage systems are so fun and creative (and useful), but I can't justify printing all that plastic when SUPER cheap ones are available pre-made and perfect. ... BUT I am a big fan of the Gridfinity system!
  15. Nifty

    A 3D printer always comes in handy..

    Nicely done! It really is amazing how many things I find that I can fix/make that are helpful around the house. Many of which are unique and I'd have a difficult (or impossible) task of finding online pre-made.
  16. Nifty

    I don’t see me and where am I..

    The only way to stop it 100% is to turn off all new posts for all people everywhere. Many of the ones we're seeing right now are related to a breach across the internet. Old accounts with terrible password management are being hit (like the one we just saw). Best thing to do to stop spam like...
  17. Nifty

    I don’t see me and where am I..

    Sorry about the inconvenience! Server company changed our IP address and I didn't get the memo, so I was in a mad-scramble with helpers to get things resolved. Basically, the server and software were all fine... just the address changed and the interwebs didn't know how to connect your browser...
  18. Nifty

    Solid State Cooling - NO FANS

    Wow, this is pretty neat! Could be GREAT for 3D printers!!!
  19. Nifty

    Ender Direct Drive extruder deal

    From what I've read / heard, direct-drive is better than Bowden in almost all ways if the extruder is one of the newer light / low-weight options.
  20. Nifty

    UV Hot Resin 3D printer !

    Resin still freaks me out. I don't know that I'll ever give it a go. Maybe I'll wait for @The Hat to show me the way ;)